First Week is OVER

Mental Exhaustion Ensues

Whoa, I had no idea I’d be this shot.  I’m literally driving home to my parents house (unfortunately) swerving off the road.  Thankfully the rumble strip woke me up or I’d be on the receiving end of a ass kicking by the law.  In my last post I talked about how going to law school is a completely different animal.


I felt like I was training to be in the marines and going through some kind of sleep deprivation training… that’s how tired I was.

However, this post is about a different set of fangs that I need to deal with.  The claws that are digging into my back at the end of this week are mental exhaustion and being completely drained.

I never knew that going to law school would be so intense.  I thought it would hard, but not this hard.  My thought process is that I’d bear down the extra studying and actually have to pay attention in class.  However, that’s not the case at all.

Paying attention in class isn’t something I did much of in undergrad.  The tests & quizzes that I had to take during my undergraduate degree were more of less common sense.  Not even the subjects needed to be remembered.

Honestly, looking back at all the tests I took and all the quizzes that surprised most of the class there was one thing in particular that stood out in my mind.  The one thing was the layout of the actual test itself.  Through process of elimination there was a 50% chance of getting the majority of the multiple choice questions correct.

From there I just applied common sense and got an easy B/B+ average.  Law school is different.  The tests are just there to help you.  You don’t get graded.  You don’t pass or fail.  They don’t even care.  The only test that counts is the bar.  If you don’t pass that… you’re not a lawyer.  You can try the bar as many times as you want, but you can’t do them within 6 months of each other.

Moral of the story:

Most people go to school to go to school.  People go to law school to become lawyers.

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