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A Relationship that Matters

Law School has been great.  One thing that stuck out in my mind though was the lack of relationships going on.  Women at law school are there for one reason and one reason only…  to make money.  They want to crush it in the real world and be a success.  You’d think with a mixing pot of all these collegiate men and women that there would be more relationships getting started right?

Wrong – there is close to zero fraternization between the sexes.  That’s right – no relationships being created.  The guys study with the guys and the girls study with the girls.  There are a few older gentlemen who decide they want to quit their blue collar job and become lawyers late in life, but they really keep to themselves.

One relationship that I found of utmost importance is my relationship with the gym.  Going to the gym and getting a good sweat in is almost more important than getting together with my study buddies.  I feel great after getting a good workout in no matter if I’m hitting the weights or putting in 45 minutes on the elliptical.  The benefits of getting my time in at the gymgym are huge.  I see the enhanced focus that I gain from spending an hour on my fitness each day literally multiply my productivity.  I joined a Gym in Danbury, CT to get my workouts done.  The Gym was nearby and convenient.  It was a great fitness club to join because it only costed $30 a month and the staff were really friendly.  I’m not the kind of guy who sees a personal trainer, but I also heard that the trainers there were really knowledgeable.

As I talked about in my previous post there’s a lot to be said about martial arts as well.  I thoroughly enjoy my time working on my MMA skills and it’s a great relief to do that.  I think that my time going to the Martial Arts Center primed me for heading to the gym more often.  After getting a good workout in by throwing punches and kicks I found myself wanting to get stronger, fitter and leaner.

Being a lawyer in a couple years will be awesome, but being a strong fit and lean lawyer will be even better.  I can already see my self-confidence sky rocket as I’m heading to the gym on a regular basis.

  • My shoulders are broadening.
  • My gut is hardening.
  • My arms are getting bigger.

I feel good!

I’d definitely recommend to any lawyers in training out there to do some training in the gym.  It’ll be beneficial for your confidence practicing law and your focus studying law.

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