Arriving at Law School

The First Day Begins

This isn’t one of those stories about a dorky kid trying to make it into the preppy group.  I went to prep school.  I dress well.  I know how to talk to people.  Going to law school is a completely different animal.  You need to learn everything and are expected to know everything the first day.

I sit in this large classroom with over 100 people as we start to listen to our teacher’s lecture.  Unlike normal college experiences the class isn’t filled with people jerking off in the corner playing on their cell phones.  This particular classroom was much the opposite.  No one was looking around for pens.  Everyone came prepared.  Everyone was ready and willing to learn.

One thing you’ll quickly learn about law school is that there isn’t much flirting going on between the sexes.  The guys are usually at the top of their game and very skilled at courting a lady.  However, the women don’t want anything to do with the guys.  They are also the top 5% and grew up around many slobs.  They are here for them not for flirting.

Normally by the first hour in you’ll look around the average college campus classroom to see people yawning.  Not here, people are laser focused on exactly what the professor has to say and engaged in conversation when it’s warranted.  You’ll have to engage regularly in the court room as lawyer so it makes sense to start talking law right now.

Besides those abnormalities which are now seamlessly unnoticed in our classroom there are other facts as I hinted at previously which make this scene particularly unique.  Imagine the most popular kids in your high school everywhere.  Now I’m not a sucker, but I wasn’t the captain of the football team either.

Everywhere…  Let’s just say that this isn’t what you’ll find in the average classroom:

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